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  Close tolerance sizes for either pre-thread rolling
  Stafa will stay in family hands with the business
  Available in many markets including central and northern Europe
Close tolerance sizes for either pre-thread rolling

On set-up, all batches of work have the induction pre-heating of the blanks closely controlled using calibrated pyrometers, which ensures uniformity of temperature to specified settings and freedom from potential ‘overheating’ with its subsequent problematic material grain problems.”.

This new extension has been used to increase both its considerable stock range and self contained manufacturing facilities. These include alloy and stainless steel, brass, bronze, duplex, titanium, and a vast range of other exotic alloys.Close tolerance sizes for either pre-thread rolling or finished shoulder diameters are produced by precision CNC turning or centreless grinding on the thread rolling section.

Whether it’s a ‘standard’ product from stock or a ‘non-standard’ product to be manufactured, NSSS has the capability to supply.NSSS has a policy of continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

As well as its extensive range of calibrated gauges and other measuring equipment, the company has invested in a Keyence IM-6120 optical measurement device, which has the ability to simultaneously measure a number of workpieces and store the information for statistical analysis, future reference, and evaluation. 

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